What We Do

Senior Services Plus Israel is committed to providing comprehensive services to seniors living in Israel, and their families living abroad. We facilitate services in a manner designed to provide peace of mind to all involved, through the oversight of day-to-day financial, property, and medical management matters, regular home visits and facilitate other boutique service arrangements and management.

Typically, Senior Services Plus Israel will introduce its clients to a Geriatric Consultant or Social Worker. After a thorough assessment SSPI will offer the client a variety of service providers appropriate to the client's needs and their particular financial circumstances. SSPI has a wide network of service providers throughout Israel, all of whom speak English, and in certain circumstances they will be bi-lingual.

In some cases, when the family abroad feels uncertain as to the quality and/or propriety of care that is already in place, one of the Israeli licensed attorneys who work with SSPI will step in to assess the situation.

When a parent can no longer stay at home, due to any number of personal circumstances, Senior Services Plus Israel oversees transitional guidance towards their next phase of life. As part of its logistical consulting for seniors, SSPI explores potential residential environments with the clients, and assists in the assessments that will contribute towards making wise decisions about continued living arrangements. SSPI may coordinate the physical move and may continue to be involved with property management for the current residence, as well as arranging and maintaining regular visits to the senior in the new facility. 

Senior Services Plus Israel has varied connections throughout Israel, and our former English speaking communities around the world. We are uniquely positioned to be that liason so needed by seniors in Israel with adult children who cannot provide oversight for their parent’s affairs due to geographical distance, lack of time or logistical experience.